Additional material

The naturbo clay plaster drywall system consists of clay building boards with and without wall heating as well as all other materials that you need to create a beautiful interior wall that is ready to live in.

General additional material
Joint reinforcement fabric 10 cm glass fiber fabric to reinforce the joints » more
Fugenfix Filler for filling the flat edges » more
Edge glue only for naturbo for screwing / stapling on wooden or metal stands: to stabilize the joints
Haftfix only for naturbo for gluing: ecological clay glue » more
Corner bracket to protect inward facing corners » more
Window connection profile Mounting rail only for naturbo windows » more
Sealing tape and release liner paper for inserting with visible edges
Additional material for naturbo therm
Aluminum composite pipe for laying the flow and return to the heating system and for connecting the naturbo therm panels to the floor » more
Press couplings Connection elements for the panels to each other and for connecting the flow and return » more
Connections to the heating system Elements for connecting naturbo therm to the heating system » more