Press couplings

Press couplings for connecting the heating modules to each other and with flow and return in three different versions.

naturbo Presskupplungen

Item number

Item number
Press couplings 11,6/11,6 mm 9201-10
Press couplings 11,6/11,6 mm 90° 9201-15
Press couplings 11,6/16 mm 9201-20
Press couplings 16/16 mm 9201-30
Press couplings 16/16 mm 90° 9201-35

Scope of application

Press couplings connect the naturbo therm heating modules with each other and with the aluminum composite pipe of the flow and return.


  • Push the press coupling onto the aluminum composite pipe so that the aluminum composite pipe can be seen through the round, approx. 1 mm large viewing window on the press coupling.
  • Also attach the corresponding pipe on the opposite side.
  • When the heating circuit is closed, press the press couplings and check the heating circuit for leaks (usually taken over by the installer).

More information on processing:

  • Processing at a glance
  • Binding processing instructions in detail
Presskupplungen in der naturbo Wandheizungs-Platte


The dimensions indicate the outside diameter of the pipes in mm that can be connected to one another.


  • naturbo press couplings are part of the naturbo clay plaster dry construction system. Additional products from the naturbo range are required for use.
  • The processing instructions are binding.