Installation of naturbo interior insulation

Unlike all other panels in the naturbo system, naturbo interior insulation panels are laid across.

Step 1: Apply stick fix to the wall

naturbo Haftfix is applied to the surface of the wall, on which the plate is then glued. The wall must be fully surfaced, complete and generously covered with adhesive fix to ensure full and seamless contact with the plate. Put on the adhesive fix with an 8 mm tooth spatula over the short path.

Step 2: Apply the stick fix to the plate

Subsequently, naturbo adhesive fix is applied to the back of the inner insulation panel. Care must be taken to ensure that the adhesive fix is "massaged" into the soft wood fibre board of the back. On the back of the inner insulation plate, the adhesive fix is removed with an 8 mm tooth filler over the long way – in this way, it is ensured that the strips of the two removed tooth fillers are at right angles to each other.

Step 3: press the plate

The naturbo inner insulation board is now placed on the adhesive-fixed surface and pressed precisely to the intended area with strong pressure and in circular movements. This type of installation is called buttering floating process. It ensures that no air pockets are created between the plate and the wall.

Step 4: Finish the wall

The naturbo interior insulation panel can be easily cut with the circular saw. The remaining piece of the first row can be used as the starting piece of the second row. If a separate flat edge is required, it can be inserted with a small planer. In this way, the necessary joint offset is automatically created and at the same time plate cutting is avoided.

Only from a wall height of 3.50 m, the naturbo interior insulation panels are additionally screwed on with a special plug (e.g. company EJOT – plug system STR U 2G 115 mm).

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Step 5: flank insulation

After the insulation of the outer wall, a flank insulation is necessary in the standard. Before installation, a sealing tape for the movement joint is glued to the inner insulation panels. Subsequently, flank insulation panels (alternatively insulating wedge or naturbo clima) are glued or screwed onto the adjacent wall – depending on the design of the adjacent wall. (Details can be found in the naturbo interior insulation processing manual).

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Step 6: Finishing walls

Now the joints are spat and one of the available surfaces is applied. (See from work step 4 under Mounting naturbo clima).