Installation of naturbo windows

In our processing videos you can see the individual work steps and immediately learn how easy it is.

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Overview of the processing of naturbo windows panels

The processing of naturbo windows on window reveals is explained in eight simple steps. The system allows for such flexible installation that no cracks appear later despite temperature and humidity fluctuations.

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Step 1: Fasten the window connection profile

The naturbo window connection profile is self-adhesive on the back. It is glued to the outer edge of the window frame.

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Step 2: Measure the connection plate

As soon as the naturbo window connection profile is attached, the dimensions for the connection plate can be taken. The outer edge of the profile is decisive for this. The plate is cut to size and mounted as known.

naturbo Platte auf Ständerbau befestigen

Step 3: Mount the connecting plates

The connection plates are mounted. The sealing tape ...

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... is glued to the ceiling in order to compensate the expansion of the board and wood.

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Step 4: shape the flat edge

The connecting panel requires a flat edge on the reveal side, which is needed to fill in the corner angle. The flat edge can be formed easily with a drywall planer.

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Step 5: Inserting the window sill

The window sill is inserted. To avoid damage, the window sill should be well covered immediately. Alternatively, the sill can also be inserted after the reveal panel.

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Step 6: Insert soffit plate

The reveal panel is cut exactly to size and inserted with the groove into the window connection profile on the window frame.

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Step 7: Fixing the soffit plate

The reveal plate is fixed to the connection plate with screws or clamps.

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Step 8: Fasten the corner strap

Apply naturbo edge adhesive to the face of the naturbo windows panel, place the corner angle with fabric tape, press on and staple the fabric flags in place.

Now the window reveal can be filled with naturbo Fugenfix (see installation naturbo clima).