Technical Datas


Self supporting, diffusion transmissible clay plaster board for dry construction

Wood soft fibre board (DIN EN 18986), clay plaster, glass fibre reinforcing tape

Edge form:
Circumferential lowered edge

Area of application:
For veneering of wall and ceiling surfaces in all interior rooms, also damp rooms (bathroom, shower, WC) except the direct splash water area.


naturbo clima
Size 62,5 x 115 x 3,1 cm
Surface 0,72 m²
Weight 15 kg/board (= 20,82 kg/m²)
Clay thickness 15 mm on the completed wall


The assembly takes place joints offset

  • on massive wooden wall elements in grid width 62.5 cm; for ceilings and rafter soffits, half grid spacing (= 31.25 cm)
  • on strip-shaped (wood) substructure
  • Stand width ≥ 6 cm, grid width 62.5 cm; half raster width (= 31.25 cm) for ceilings and rafter soffits
  • on masonry and concrete – use of adhesive boards


  • for massive wooden wall elements and strip-shaped substructure
    Drywall screws phos. (3.9 x 45) or staples galvanized (length ≥ 50 mm, spine width ≥ 10 mm, wire thickness ≥ 1.4 mm)
  • for masonry and concrete
    Primer and naturbo Haftfix (mineral)

Mounting distance:

  • for massive wooden wall elements and strip-shaped substructure
    ≤ 15 cm, circulating in flat edge - for ceilings and rafter soffits additionally a row in the middle in the longitudinal direction

Building Physics Data

Water vapor diffusion resistance μges < 7
density 6,7 · 10² kg/ m³ (average)
thermal conductivity λges =0,073 W/(m · K); s(d)=0,031 m
Aufbau einer naturbo-Platte