Mounting naturbo therm

The easiest way to install the naturbo therm wall heating boards is to watch our processing videos:

You can find further mounting videos under naturbo videos

Overview of the installation of naturbo therm wall heating boards

The processing of naturbo therm clay boards is explained in five simple steps. The ingenious plug-in module system makes it extremely easy to process the wall heating system flexibly, easily and quickly.

naturbo therm Platten anschrauben

1st work step: Mounting the board

One starts with the installation of naturbo therm board and fills the remaining areas with naturbo clima panels. To avoid cross joints, naturbo therm boards are alternately processed in two different lengths (see Fig. 4).

Bodenhöhe berücksichtigen, naturbo therm

The lower naturbo therm boards must be flush with the finished floor height. Use spacer blocks.

Presskupplungen aufstecken, naturbo therm

2nd work step: Fitting press couplings

The press couplings are fitted onto the upper heating pipes of the naturbo therm intermediate board.

nächste Wandheizungsplatte aufsetzen

3rd step: naturbo therm put on end board

The naturbo therm end board is lifted over the intermediate board and carefully brought into position. It is recommended to work in pairs: While one holds the boards, ...

Anschlussprofil aufstecken, naturbo therm

... the other one inserts the heating pipes into the attached press couplings.

Anschlüsse verpressen, naturbo therm

4th work step: Grouting

Now all connection points are pressed and checked for tightness by a heating specialist.

Pressfenster schließen, naturbo therm

5. step: Close the press window

The press windows of the connection points are filled with the supplied drywall blocks and filled as usual (see naturbo clima).

Unterputz-Steckdose bohren, naturbo therm

The course of the heating pipes is marked on the surface of the naturbo therm board. The pipes run in such a way that the installation of sockets and switches is possible.

Up to 8 naturbo therm boards can be connected to a heating circuit.