Technical Data


Steam diffusion-open interior insulation board with clay plaster coating for drywall

60 mm soft wood fibreboard (DIN EN 13171)
10 mm clay plaster on the front with glass fabric for reinforcement

Edge form:
Flat edge circling

Scope of application:
For planking the inside of exterior walls, also wet rooms (bath, shower, toilet) except in the immediate splash water area


naturbo Interior Insulation
Dimensions 64 x 115 x 7 cm
Area 0,736 m²
Gewicht 20 kg/board (= 27,2 kg/m²)
Clay application 12 mm in the finished complete system


The installation is horizontal and offset at the joints. The panels are glued to the wall over their entire surface using the butterfly method. Make sure that the ground connection is good. For higher load requirements, additional mechanical fastening with dowels is necessary.
Use in timber construction only after consultation.

Building physics data

Water vapour diffusion resistance μges < 7
density 388 kg/m³ (average)
Thermal conductivity Clay plaster front 10 mm λges =0,76 W/(m•K)
Softwood fibre board 60 mm λRated value =0,042 W/(m•K)


Storage: horizontal, flat, dry

Sales units: piece


naturbo system: The naturbo interior insulation board is part of the naturbo interior insulation system in dry construction. To use it you need other products from the naturbo range.