The processing of the naturbo clay plaster drywall system is very easy and therefore suitable not only for professionals but also for do-it-yourselfers. Nevertheless, the important details must be observed in order to avoid errors during assembly. Here you will find short videos as well as short and detailed descriptions so that assembly can be carried out quickly and without problems.

Short videos

Each assembly video focuses on one assembly step. In this way, you can quickly and concisely look at everything that needs to be observed in your next work step on your mobile phone before processing.

Brief description

The following brief descriptions give you an overview of the individual steps involved in assembling the three different types of clay panels. If you actually get down to the processing, please be sure to read the processing instructions and watch our videos.

naturbo clima Platte befestigen

naturbo clima

naturbo therm Platte aufsetzen

naturbo therm


naturbo internal insulation

Leibungsplatte einsetzen, naturbo windows

naturbo windows

Processing instructions

These processing instructions are the binding basis for processing the naturbo clay plaster dry construction system. We are constantly revising and improving it again and again. Please read carefully, even if it takes a little time. You will find that there are many tips included to help you get the assembly down quickly.