Installation of naturbo clima

Very quickly, the uncomplicated system of naturbo clay plaster boards can be captured with our short installation videos: (sorry, only in german language):

Overview of the Assembly of naturbo Clima Panels

Naturbo clay plaster boards are as easy to work with as normal plaster board and therefore can be installed by an experienced DIY.

In seven simple steps, your living space will be covered with naturbo clay slabs. With all the good properties that clay brings – residential use in 3 days.

naturbo clima Platte zusägen

Step 1: Cut clay board

Naturbo clay boards are delivered in the dimensions 625 x 1150 mm. They can be cut to the right size with any common saw.
Lehmplatte ausloten, naturbo Verarbeitung

Step 2: Align clay board

For easy processing, it is recommended to align the naturbo clay slab vertically to facilitate the installation of subsequent slabs.

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Step 3: Fix the clay board

The naturbo clay slab is either attached to the flat edge by drywall screws (in case of post or solid wood wall) to the substructure ...

Platte ankleben, naturbo therm

... or attached to the masonry by gluing with mineral adhesive plaster.

Armierungsgewebe eintackern, naturbo clima

Step 4: fasten the fabric strap

The joint reinforcing tape must be laid in the next step in the flat edges of the clay boards and e.g. be attached with a tacker. It prevents the formation of cracks.

naturbo clima Flachkante befeuchten

Step 5: moisten flat edges

The flat edges are moistened either with a brush or simply with the help of a spray bottle with water. As a result, the clay clay compound connects better with the clay boards.

naturbo clima Flachkante verspachteln

Step 6: fill flat edges

naturbo-Fugenfix is mixed according to the instructions and filled into the flat edge.
Any protrusions caused by naturbo Fugenfix can be rubbed off in the dry state.

naturbo Finishputz auftragen

Step 8: finish the surface

Already one day after the flat edge filling the clay wall can get its final look. As finishing plaster, naturbo decor is available as standard in two different surface structures. If the surface is to have a hue, it is then painted in the desired color.