Material Required

naturbo clima Platte zusägen


The clay plaster board naturbo clima without wall heating can easily be sawed for every need. In cut clay slab parts, you can also plane a flat edge by hand at any time in the clay plaster. In this way, almost all parts can be used in other places again. The offcuts tend to zero.

Expansion requirement

The following processing materials are necessary to complete the naturbo clay wall:

Required per m² surface
naturbo Fugenfix (jointing material) ca. 3,6 kg
naturbo reinforcing tape (10 cm broad) ca. 2,60 m
naturbo clay finish plaster ca. 2 – 6 kg

You don't have to calculate the amount of the required material. If you send us the size of your wall surfaces in squaremeters, it would be a pleasure for us to calculate your request!