naturbo clima

Clay plaster board naturbo clima

The standard board in the naturbo clay plaster dry construction system is offered under the name "naturbo clima". It is mounted in two different ways:

  • Assembly by screws or clips
    suitable for solid wood walls and on wood or metal post constructions
  • Assembly by gluing
    suitable for stone walls, concrete walls or walls made of plasterboard – is glued with the naturbo clay plaster "adhesive" and a notched trowel.

In the case of ceilings and sloping ceilings, screws (not clamps) may only be used.

naturbo clima Platte

Item number

Board type Item number
naturbo clima 1001-05


  • Self-supporting, vapor-permeable clay plaster drywall board
  • 18 mm soft wood fiber board (DIN EN 18986)
  • Front: 10 mm clay plaster with glass fabric reinforcement
  • Back: 3 mm clay plaster with glass fabric reinforcement
  • all around 5 cm flat edge
Aufbau einer naturbo-Platte

Scope of application

For paneling wall and ceiling surfaces in all interior spaces, including damp rooms (bathroom, shower, toilet) except in the immediate splash water area.

naturbo clay Clay plaster board


  • With offset joints, screw or clamp onto solid wooden wall elements or onto wooden or metal stands
  • Mount with offset joints, glue on masonry or plasterboard with naturbo Haftfix
  • Staple joint reinforcement fabric in the flat edge
  • Fill the flat edge with naturbo Fugenfix
  • Apply surface finishing

More information on processing:

Arbeitsschritt 2: naturbo-Platte an der Wand befestigen

Technical specifications

length 115 cm
width 62,5 cm
height 3,1 cm
weight 15 kg/board
area 0,72 m²
Building physics data 
Water vapor diffusion resistanceμges < 7
Density6,7 · 10² kg/ m³ (average)
Thermal conductivityλges =0,073 W/(m · K); s(d)=0,031 m

data sheet – PDF-Download


  • naturbo clima are stored horizontally, flat and dry.
  • naturbo clima clay plaster boards are part of the naturbo clay plaster dry construction system. Additional products from the naturbo range are required for use.
  • The processing instructions are binding.
  • When installing on the inside of external walls, ensure that the wall structure is sensible.
naturbo clima Platte