Technical data

General information

Product: Elements of the modular surface heating system naturbo therm, based on a self-supporting, vapour diffusible clay plaster dry construction board
Assembly: Wood soft fibre board (DIN EN 18986) as carrier board, rear side plastered with clay plaster (lime plaster for adhesive board for masonry and concrete) and inserted glass fibre fabric, on the front side a multi-layer composite pipe 11.6 mm and a glass fibre fabric is inserted and plastered with clay plaster including finishing coat
Edge formation: flat edge all around, press window for heating connection
Range of application: For heating of interiors, designed as panelling of wall and ceiling surfaces of all interiors including wet rooms (bath, shower, toilet) except in the immediate splash water area
naturbo therm 115
intermediate and end board
naturbo therm 95
intermediate and end board
naturbo therm 55 end board
length 115 cm 95 cm 55 cm
width 62.5 cm 62.5 cm 62.5 cm
height 3.1 cm 3.1 cm 3.1 cm
weight 21.5 kg 17.5 kg 10.1 kg
pipe length 6.5 m 5.5 m 3.4 m
Heating tube: 11,6 mm outer diameter – 1,5 mm wall thickness
Clay application: 15 mm in the finished overall system



The mounting is staggered

  • on solid wooden wall elements in grid spacing 62.5 cm; half grid spacing (= 31.25 cm) for ceilings and rafter soffits
  • on strip-shaped (wooden) substructure
    Stand width ≥ 6 cm, grid 62.5 cm; for ceilings and rafter soffits half grid (= 31.25 cm)
  • on masonry and concrete
    Use of adhesive plates
  • for solid wooden wall elements and strip-shaped substructure
    Drywall screws phos. (3.9 x 45) or staples galvanized (length ≥ 50 mm, back width ≥ 10 mm, wire thickness ≥ 1.4 mm)
  • for masonry and concrete
    Primer and naturbo Haftfix (mineral)
Mounting distance:
  • for solid wooden wall elements and strip-shaped substructure
    ≤ 15 cm, in flat edge all around - for ceilings and rafter soffits additionally one row in the middle in longitudinal direction

Structural-physical data

water vapour diffusion resistance μges < 7
density 9.6 · 10² kg/ m³ (average)
thermal conductivity λges =0.073 W/(m · K); s(d)=0.031 m


Heat output: 110 W/m² at 40 °C flow temperature and 20 °C room temperature
Series: Can be connected in series with other naturbo therm boards.
Heating circuit: < 60 m (pipe length in naturbo therm intermediate board 95: 5.5 m)
The supply line should be designed in 16x2 mm and then does not have to be taken into account in the heating circuit length.