How to get prices

In order to install the naturbo interior insulation completely, you need different materials from the different boards, via Haftfix, to the reinforcement and the surface. In addition, the costs vary depending on the order volume and transport route.

In order for you to get meaningful prices, we will gladly and (usually) quickly provide you with a completely non-binding offer. We only need the following information from you:

  • What dimensions do your exterior walls have?
  • For how many running meters (adjacent walls and ceiling) do you need flank insulation?
  • If you also require clay plaster: What are the dimensions of wall and ceiling in m² that you would like to cover with our system (both heating boards and standard boards)?
  • If you are interested in our heating/cooling system: What are the dimensions of your living space in m² that should be heated with wall heating in the future?

Just send us an e-mail or call us:

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