Wall heating system naturbo therm

naturbo therm wall heating panels are available in 5 variants, which differ in the following criteria:

Suitable substructures

For screwing
Suitable for mounting on solid wooden walls, on wooden or metal stand constructions. Is screwed on or clamped

For sticking
Suitable for installation on stone walls, concrete walls or walls made of plasterboard. Is glued with mineral adhesive filler

In the case of ceilings and sloping ceilings, screws (not clamps) may only be used.

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naturbo therm wall heating panels are available in three different lengths:

  • 55 cm
  • 95 cm
  • 115 cm

In this way, the necessary joint offset of 20 cm can be observed during assembly.

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Panel type

The naturbo therm wall heating system has two different panel types:

End panel
The end panel is designed like the classic wall heating. It picks up the warm water from the flow below and guides it upwards via heating loops in order to then lead it back down to the return flow.

Intermediate panel
The intermediate panel also picks up the warm water from the flow at the lower edge and guides it upwards via heating loops. There, however, it continues upwards so that a second heating panel can be connected directly. The water of the return flow from the connected plate is led in a separate pipe from top to bottom through the intermediate panel.

This creates a handy modular system that can be easily installed.

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Item number

This results in the 5 different types of panels:

Panel type Item number
naturbo therm end panel 55 1002-13
naturbo therm end panel 95 1002-14
naturbo therm end panel 115 1002-15
naturbo therm intermediate panel 95 1002-24
naturbo therm intermediate panel 115 1002-25


  • self-supporting, vapor diffusion-open wall heating system with clay plaster
  • Modular construction system with combinable elements for different designs
  • rapid heat release in 5 – 10 min
  • also suitable for cooling
  • Soft wood fiber board (DIN EN 18986) for thermal insulation to the shell wall
  • Recessed multi-layer aluminum composite pipe 11.6 mm outer diameter – 1.5 mm wall thickness
  • Front: coated with 10 mm clay plaster with glass fabric reinforcement
  • Back: coated with 3 mm clay plaster with glass fabric reinforcement
  • all around 5 cm flat edge
  • two outlets in the press window for flow and return (one-sided with end panel – two-sided with intermediate panel)
  • The pipe route is marked on the panel
  • Distance between pipes is sufficient for mounting flush-mounted plugs with 68 mm (clear pipe distance 90 mm)
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Scope of application

For heating interiors, designed for paneling wall and ceiling surfaces, also damp rooms (bath, shower, toilet) except in the immediate splash water area.

Wall heating and ceiling heating for healthy warmth


Installation is quick and easy:

  • Screws: screw or staple with offset joints on solid wooden wall elements or on wooden or metal stands
  • Gluing: mount with staggered joints, glue to masonry or plasterboard with naturbo Haftfix
  • Connect the panels to each other with press couplings
  • Connect the heating circuit and check for leaks
  • Staple joint reinforcement fabric into the flat edge
  • Fill the flat edge with naturbo Fugenfix
  • Apply surface finishing
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Technical specifications:

panel 115 panel 95 panel 55
Length 115 cm 95 cm 55 cm
Width 62,5 cm 62,5 cm 62,5 cm
Height 3,1 cm 3,1 cm 3,1 cm
Weight 21,5 kg/panel 17,5 kg/panel 10,1 kg/panel
Area 0,72 m² 0,59 m² 0,34 m²
Pipe length in the panel 6,5 m 5,5 m 3,4 m
Building physics data
Water vapor diffusion resistance μges < 7
Density 9,6 · 10² kg/ m³ (average)
Thermal conductivity λges =0,073 W/(m · K); s(d)=0,031 m


heating capacity 80W/m²*

* at 35 ° C flow temperature and 20 ° C room temperature

naturbo therm panels can be connected in series with other naturbo therm panels.

The heating circuit must be less than 60 m, whereby supply lines with 16 mm aluminum composite pipe do not have to be included in the heating circuit length (pipe lengths per panel can be found above under dimensions).

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  • naturbo therm wall heating panels are stored horizontally, flat and dry.
  • naturbo therm wall heating panels are part of the naturbo clay plaster dry construction system. Additional products from the naturbo range are required for use.
  • The processing instructions are binding.
  • When installing on the inside of external walls, ensure that the wall structure is sensible.