Haftfix clay glue

Clay plaster filler for gluing naturbo clay panels on masonry, plasterboard or clay surface.

naturbo Haftfix Lehmkleber

Item number

Item number
Haftfix 9102-21

data sheet – PDF download


  • biologically and ecologically valuable natural building material
  • open to vapor diffusion
  • free of emissions
  • odorless

Scope of application

  • For gluing naturbo clay panels to masonry, plasterboard or clay surface
  • only suitable for interiors


Sand up to 1.0 mm grading curve, clay, loam, talc, perlite, plant fibers and cellulose (main component of plant cell walls).


The substrate must be stable, frost-free, dry, clean, free from salt pollution, sufficiently rough and absorbent. Leveling layers must be completely dry. The surface must be as flat as it is necessary for gluing. Small unevenness can be pre-filled with naturbo Haftfix, larger imperfections must be closed with a suitable mortar.

Adhesion sample
The adhesive strength of the substrate must always be checked using an adhesive sample (see data sheet). Claims for complaints that do not result from mixing errors at the factory are excluded.
If the adhesion is not sufficient, prime the wall with naturbo plaster primer or, on heavily sanding or chalky substrates, test naturbo intensive primer together with naturbo plaster primer. In any case, a further adhesion test is then necessary.

You will find more detailed information on requirements, mixing, application and drying on our data sheet.

Arbeitsschritt 2: naturbo-Platten können auch geklebt werden

Technical specifications

Packaging 25 kg bag
Productivity 4 – 6 m² wall area per bag


Can be stored dry for at least 3 years in the original container. Process prepared material on the same day.

Allow the material to dry up and dispose of as building rubble.

To be observed
Store material out of the reach of children. naturbo clay panels cannot be glued to ceilings and sloping ceilings.

naturbo System
naturbo Haftfix is ​​part of the naturbo clay plaster dry construction system. Additional products from the naturbo range are required for use.