Joint reinforcement fabric

Reinforcement fabric tape for stapling and filling in the flat edges


Item number

Item number
Joint reinforcement fabric 9101-00


10 cm wide fiberglass fabric tape

Scope of application

The naturbo joint reinforcement fabric is inserted into the flat edges of the naturbo clay plaster boards to prevent cracks from forming at the board joints.


  • Staple joint reinforcement fabric in flat edges
  • Pay attention to the overlap when the horizontal and vertical joints meet
  • Then fill the flat edges with naturbo Fugenfix
  • Apply surface finishing

More information on processing:

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Technical specifications

Delivery unit role
Length 50 m
Width 10 cm
Requirement per m² of wall ca. 2,6 m


  • naturbo joint reinforcement fabric can be stored dry.
  • naturbo joint reinforcement fabric is part of the naturbo clay plaster dry construction system. Additional products from the naturbo range are required for use.
  • The processing instructions are binding.