How does a heating load calculation work?

A heating load calculation is needed to define the exact energy demand of a room. This depends, among other things, on the type of use, the number of external walls, the windows and doors, but also on the floor and adjacent rooms. In a heating load calculation, a list of all conditions is explicitly made per room and then the heating load per room is determined.

When preparing a heating load calculation, it must be taken into account whether the future heat transfer should take place by convection or by radiant heat. This has a significant influence on the energy requirement per room (see also: "How should I imagine the effect of radiant heat in a wall heating system" and "Why is a heating load calculation on convection for a wall heating system usually too high dimensioned").

A heating load calculation can be done by a building biologist or energy consultant and is usually quite expensive. In order to obtain an initial, proper estimate with little means, we at naturbo therefore offer to provide a heating load estimate, which cannot, however, provide any guarantees, as we are not on site to check all the details.

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