How should I imagine the effect of radiant heat in a wall heating system?

The sensation of warmth from the radiant heat of a wall heating system can be compared to that of a tiled stove or the sun. Heat radiation is therefore not only a very effective, but above all a pleasant heat for the human body (see also „What is the difference between radiant heat and convection?").

Due to the fact that the heat radiation does not have to circulate the entire room air, but acts directly on the body and can be felt, up to 3 degrees room temperature can be saved with the same heat sensation. On the whole, one can imagine the effect and thus the sensation of radiant heat as on a cosy autumn day on the terrace or balcony:

On windless and sunny spring or autumn days you can easily make yourself comfortable on the terrace. Although the thermometer only shows 16 degrees, for example, the personal sensation is interpreted as a cosy temperature thanks to the radiant heat.