Installation of naturbo therm wall heating

The naturbo therm wall heating system can be easily installed not only by craftsmen but also by somewhat experienced laymen. Only a specialist is required to press the press couplings and to check for leaks.

You are finished in eight simple work steps:

naturbo therm Platten anschrauben

naturbo therm screws / clamps (for solid wood wall or stand) ...

Platte ankleben, naturbo therm

... or glue with mineral adhesive filler (for masonry or concrete)

Presskupplungen aufstecken, naturbo therm

Place naturbo press couplings on the heating pipes

nächste Wandheizungsplatte aufsetzen

Place the next wall heating plate

Anschlüsse verpressen, naturbo therm

naturbo Press couplings grouting

Pressfenster schließen, naturbo therm

Close press window

Armierungsgewebe eintackern, naturbo therm

naturbo Tacking in reinforcing fabric

naturbo clima Flachkante verspachteln

Fill in with naturbo Fugenfix

naturbo Finishputz auftragen

Apply naturbo finish plaster

You can download the detailed processing instructions for naturbo therm wall heating as a PDF file here.