What are the processing times of naturbo therm wall heating?

Due to the high degree of prefabrication of the naturbo therm wall heating, the processing is very simple and the processing times are therefore very short. The enormous drying times required for classic clay wet plastering are reduced to a minimum.

Basically, the following processing times can be assumed:

  • Board mounting: 12 min/m²
  • Joint filling: 9 min/m²
    • Inserting the reinforcement fabric
    • Joint filling
    • Flat sanding of the joint surface after drying of the filler material
  • Application of the base layer (loam finish plaster 0.5 mm) and application of the surface (loam coating plaster): 13 min/m²
  • TOTAL: 34 min/m²
Wie sind die Verarbeitungszeiten der naturbo therm Wandheizung?  Aufgrund des hohen Vorfertigungsgrades der naturbo therm Wandheizung ist die Verarbeitung denkbar einfach und die Verarbeitungszeiten somit sehr gering. Die enormen Trocknungszeiten, welche