How many wall heating panels do I need for my room?

The space required for wall heating naturally depends, in addition to the insulation standard of the house, on the flow temperatures at which the wall heating is operated.

On average, it can be assumed that about 40 percent of the room floor area (length x width of the room) must be used as wall heating area. With a ceiling heating system, the space requirement is identical.

The following heating outputs are achieved by naturbo therm wall heating panels depending on the selected flow temperature:

  • 35 degrees in the flow: 80 watts heating capacity per m²
  • 40 degrees in the flow: 110 watts heating capacity per m²
  • 45 degrees in the flow: 130 watts heating power per m²

This information is only a thumb value. An exact statement can only be made by calculating the heating load.

Wall heating and ceiling heating for healthy warmth