Are pieces of furniture allowed to be placed in front of a wall heating system or pictures hung up?

Basically, furniture may be placed in front of a wall heating system, if it does not cover too much of the wall heating surface. A couch, smaller shelves or a desk can be combined well with a wall heating system. However, flat pieces of furniture such as a large living wall or a bedroom cupboard with several doors are counterproductive. Consequently, the use of a wall heating system should always be adapted to the respective room concept.

With naturbo therm wall heating panels, there is a distance of 9 centimetres between heating coils, so that a picture can easily be attached in these gaps (see also "How can the course of the heating pipes in the wall be determined afterwards?"). Of course, for large paintings, it is better to consider placing the painting on a wall not covered with wall heating.

If you want to maintain the positive characteristics and the cosy warmth of a wall heating system and at the same time act independently of the room concept, you can alternatively well switch to ceiling heating (see also "Can wall heating also be used as ceiling heating?“).

Wall heating and ceiling heating for healthy warmth