Long-term experience provides security

All installations of the naturbo wall heating are wall and crack-free even after many years of use.

naturbo Lehmputz für ein gesundes Raumklima

When professionally processed, the naturbo clay plaster dry construction system ensures a healthy room climate even after years of use, regardless of whether the naturbo boards are screwed, stapled or glued to the walls. The naturbo system with wall heating retains its positive characteristics.

A customer who had ceiling heating installed in his offices told us that even on hot summer days, employees were motivated to come to work because the ceiling could be cooled. A company owner, who had the naturbo clay plaster system installed in his offices, told us that thanks to the healthy room climate, the sick days of the employees were reduced. Allergy sufferers tell us of enormous relief since they had clay plaster walls installed in their private rooms. Enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers are pleased with the simple and uncomplicated installation of the drywall system.

All this feedback gives us, and therefore you too, the assurance that naturbo is a proven clay plaster dry wall system that can be trusted in the long term.