No limits for your creativity

What kind of living do you prefer? The design of your own four walls is a question of style. Country house style with alpine or Mediterranean elements, the ecologically built house with its warm natural materials and homely aura, the sober straightness of modern architecture or ... or ... or ... or.

No matter what style your heart beats for: With naturbo decor you have endless possibilities for realising your wall dreams in clay. Various surface plasters are available:

Clay finish plaster 0.5 mm grain size

naturbo clay finish plaster is a pure clay plaster with a high, natural white content. With its natural white colour, there is no need to paint over it. At the same time it provides the surface with the necessary robustness.

Coloured surfaces are achieved by applying the second layer of loam finish plaster 0.5 mm already coloured or by painting over with loam paint or coloured loam coating plaster.

naturbo Lehmputz 0,5 mm

Clay finish plaster 1 mm grain

naturbo clay finish plaster with 1 mm grain size has a slightly more grainy grain size than naturbo clay finish plaster 0.5 mm. This gives the clay plaster a more rustic appearance.

For coloured surfaces, the loam finish plaster 1 mm can be painted over with loam paint in 38 different colours.

naturbo Lehmfinishputz 1 mm

Clay brush-on plaster

The naturbo clay brush-on plaster is mixed so that it can be applied with a brush or tassel. A lambskin roller can also be used. The clay brush-on plaster can be ordered in 14 basic shades and in 3 different brightness levels each. A layer of clay finishing plaster 0.5 mm as a base is necessary.

naturbo Lehmstreichputz orange

Clay paint

naturbo clay paint is ideally suited for painting over the naturbo clay finish plaster surfaces with 0.5 mm or 1 mm. The clay paint is available in 38 colours. The clay paint is applied directly to the naturbo clay finish plaster, which serves as the base layer.

Lehmfarbe in 38 Farbtönen

38 colours for variety in your rooms

naturbo loam rendering is available in 38 different colours. 14 basic colours are offered in three brightness levels each. Depending on the surface, the colours are achieved either by brushing or brushing or by applying a surface plaster already mixed in the desired colour.

naturbo Lehmfarben für farbigen Lehmputz

Free development for your creativity

By combining the different surfaces and colour shades, you get a wide range of possibilities. Try it out for yourself - colour mixes and different techniques create surface structures and patterns that are very individual and unique.


All decors are specially designed for the clay plaster of naturbo clay panels so that it can develop its full effect.

Unendliche Designmöglichkeiten mit naturbo Lehmputz