Good for allergy sufferers

naturbo Lehmputz ist gut für Allergiker

naturbo therm wall heating generates heat by infrared radiation, which only takes effect on the skin. This largely prevents heating of the room air, as is the case with classic heating systems (e.g. underfloor heating, radiators). If the room air is heated, it is constantly circulating: Warm air rises to the top, colder air falls to the bottom - there is a constant thermal and air movement, which also constantly whirls up house dust and mites. This air convection is very bad for allergy sufferers - and therefore the heat concept of a wall heating or ceiling heating is ideal.

A naturbo therm wall heating system considerably reduces

  • whirling up mites in the air
  • the whirling up of house dust
  • drying out of the mucous membranes (see uniform air humidity)
  • the need for dusting