Energy saving through naturbo therm wall heating

With naturbo therm wall heating you can save approx. 18% on heating costs, as you can reduce the room air by approx. 3°C with the same subjective feeling of warmth. There are two reasons for this:

  • Better heat transfer
    Thermal energy is transferred in two ways - as heat conduction and as heat radiation. The sum of the incoming energy determines our subjective perception of heat. The more heat radiation reaches us, the less heat conduction (= warm air on the skin) is necessary for the same feeling of warmth.
    Therefore, due to the high heat radiation of the naturbo therm wall heating, a 3°C lower air temperature is sufficient to perceive the room as pleasantly warm.
  • Insulation to the rear
    The wood soft fibre board has an insulating effect behind the wall heating. The clay plaster, on the other hand, covers almost the entire heating pipe and literally "sucks" the heat forward to radiate it into the room. This minimises the heat loss in the wall - and the heat output of the wall heating is used more effectively right from the start.