Roll plaster

for a fast, robust surface

naturbo Lehnstreichputz naturweiss 12 kg

Item number

Item number
Roll plaster natural white, 12 kg bucket 8670-00
Roll plaster natural white, 6 kg bucket 8640-00
Roll plaster plaster, Full tone 6 kg bucket 8640-Color no
Roll plaster, Full tone 3 kg bucket 8620-Color no


  • naturbo roll plaster consists of natural raw materials: light clay, dolomite, vegetable polysaccharide, methyl cellulose, grain size: 0.5 mm
  • naturbo roll plaster is fine-grained, rich in solids, elastic, breathable.
  • naturbo roll plaster natural white can be mixed well with naturbo color pigments. In this way, it can be colored in the brightness levels 1 - 3 of the naturbo color fan. The full tone brightness level is supplied ready-mixed. It therefore already contains the purely mineral naturbo color pigments.

Scope of application

  • naturbo roll plaster is used as a surface finish in the naturbo clay plaster dry construction system.
  • It is also suitable for non-alkaline substrates such as plasterboard, lime / cement plaster, concrete or aerated concrete.
  • Suitable for indoor use only.


Preparation of the subsoil

naturbo roll plaster is applied after the base layer of naturbo clay finish plaster 0.5 mm. Let them dry well beforehand (approx. 3 hours under normal conditions - can take up to 8 hours under unfavorable conditions). Wall moisture must be below 15%.

Other substrates must be dry (wall moisture <15%), firm and not extremely alkaline. They are pretreated with naturbo roll plaster. Remove or roughen very smooth substrates beforehand. In case of doubtful substrates, apply a 2m² test coat.

General rules

  • The wall, material and air temperature should not be below 10 ° C.
  • Good ventilation is necessary for processing and the drying process.
  • Always pay attention to clean water and tools.
  • Process the prepared material within 48 hours.


Thoroughly mix naturbo roll plaster when dry. Then, if necessary, add the correct dosage of naturbo color pigment (see below) and mix thoroughly again. Pour 0.8 liters of water per kg of powder into a bucket and stir in the roll plaster. Mix vigorously with a whisk for at least 5 minutes. After a maturing time of 30 minutes, mix again vigorously for 2 minutes. Then the naturbo brush-on roll plaster is ready for use and should have the consistency of drinking yoghurt.


Color mixing table

In order to obtain the desired level of brightness, naturbo color pigments are added as follows:

on 6 kg buckets on 12 kg buckets
Brightness level 1 (bright) 150 g 300 g
Brightness level 2 (medium) 300 g 600 g
Brightness level 3 (dark) 750 g 1.500 g

The full tone brightness level is delivered pre-mixed.

Technical specifications

Delivery unit Bucket
Requirement approx. 200 g/m²


  • naturbo roll plaster can be stored in the original container in a dry, cool and frost-free place.
  • Applied brushed clay plaster must be used within 12 hours.
  • For disposal, allow the material to dry up and dispose of it with household waste.
  • naturbo roll plaster does not require any labeling
  • Store material out of the reach of children
  • naturbo roll plaster is part of the naturbo clay plaster dry construction system. Additional products from the naturbo range are required for use.
  • The processing instructions are binding.