Clay color

for colored surfaces with clay finish plaster 0.5 mm and 1 mm

naturbo Lehmfarbe weiß

Item number

Item number
Clay color natural white 12 kg bucket 8770-00
Clay color natural white 6 kg bucket 8740-00
Clay color intense 6 kg bucket 8740-Farb-Nr.
Clay color intense 3 kg bucket 8720-Farb-Nr.

Datenblatt für Lehmfarbe Datenblatt – PDF-Download


  • naturbo clay color is a building biologically and ecologically valuable natural building material and consists of light clay, dolomite flour, vegetable polysaccharide and methyl cellulose. The intense variants also contain mineral color pigments.
  • It is dyed in an opaque natural white (intense variant in the corresponding color), smudge-proof, not scrub-resistant, odorless, open to vapor diffusion, free of emissions, highly viscous, elastic and rich in solids.

Scope of application

  • naturbo clay color is designed for painting natubo finish clay plaster surfaces (0.5 mm and 1 mm) and is ideally matched to it. The intense products are already mixed colors. The natural white products serve as the base color for mixing with naturbo color pigments in the brightness levels 1 - 3. The clay color is applied directly to the white naturbo finish clay plaster, which cannot be replaced by the color.
  • Suitable for indoor use only.


General rules

  • As soon as the naturbo finish clay plaster is completely dry, the color can be applied. The wall moisture must be below 15%.
  • The wall, material and air temperature must not be below 10 ° C.
  • Good ventilation is necessary for processing and the drying process.
  • Always use clean water and tools when processing.
  • The hiding power can only be assessed after drying. A second coat may be necessary.
  • Applied colors are to be processed within 48 hours.

Add naturbo color pigment in the correct dosage (see below) to the naturbo clay color natural white. Then mix the pigment and clay color natural white thoroughly in the dry state. Fill the bucket with water and stir in naturbo clay paint (mixing ratio 11 l water to 12 kg paint). Mix vigorously with a whisk for at least 5 minutes. After a maturing time of 20 minutes, mix again vigorously for 2 minutes. Then the naturbo clay paint is ready for processing. It is carefully applied with a brush. If the paint becomes too thick over time, add a little water and mix in well. The opacity can only be assessed after it is completely dry. A second coat can be applied if desired.

naturbo Farbpalette für Lehmfarben

Color mixing table

In order to obtain the desired level of brightness, naturbo color pigments are added as follows:

on 6 kg buckets on 12 kg buckets
Brightness level 1 (bright) 150 g 300 g
Brightness level 2 (medium) 300 g 600 g
Brightness level 3 (dark) 750 g 1.500 g

The intense brightness level is delivered pre-mixed.

Technical specifications

Clay color approx. 150 g/m² Wall surface

for one coat


  • naturbo clay color is stored dry, cool and frost-free in the original container.
  • Prepared material must be processed within 48 hours.
  • For disposal, allow the material to dry up and dispose of it with household waste.
  • naturbo clay color has the following labeling: VOC directive: EU limit value: (Kat a / Wb) 30g / l VOC. This product contains max. 0g / l VOC
  • Store material out of the reach of children
  • naturbo clay color is part of the naturbo clay plaster dry construction system. Additional products from the naturbo range are required for use.
  • The processing instructions are binding.