Including Summer Heat Protection

Summer Heat Protection

When we talk about thermal insulation today, most people think of winter cold protection. EneV also focuses exclusively on heat preservation in the house.

Especially in this day and age, summer heat protection is just as important. Unfortunately, not all materials for cold protection also meet the requirements for a solid heat protection. The decisive criterion for heat protection is a high mass of the material.

In the naturbo interior insulation system, both the compact 60 mm of the soft wood fibre board and the extremely high mass of the 10 mm clay plaster layer provide a great deal of mass. This stores the heat of the day, which is mainly absorbed by sunlight on the outer wall of the house. In the cooler evening hours and during the night, the heat energy is then released evenly and pleasantly to the room air.

In addition, the clay plaster has a cooling effect even on hot days (» more). And if you value really good cooling, the naturbo wall/ceiling cooling system is just right for you.