Prevents Mold Formation

Mold can only develop when the material moisture rises above 18%. This means that the first drops of dew water in the system are not a problem. It only becomes difficult when water accumulates without being broken down again. For this reason, dew water, which is particularly accumulated in the masonry in winter, was seen as problematic for many years in the interior insulation.

With the naturbo interior insulation system, the dew water now benefits the overall system. This is because the dew water accumulates in the clay plaster and is distributed there by its capillary effect to the plaster surface towards the interior. Since the room air tends to dry, especially in the winter time, the clay plaster returns the moisture to the room air. The dew water is re-evaporated. The indoor air loses its brittle dryness. The indoor climate becomes much more pleasant.

* It is important to observe the exact processing requirements.