naturbo interior insulation

The naturbo interior insulation system consists mainly of the following products:

  • naturbo interior insulation board
    It consists of a 60 mm thick soft fibre board, which is responsible for the actual thermal insulation. This plate is already factory-equipped with a 10 mm thick layer of clay plaster. It is used to insulate the outer wall. » more
  • naturbo flank insulation board
    This differs from the inner insulation board by the thickness of the soft wood fibre board, which is only 20 mm. It is used to insulate at least 30 cm of the walls and ceilings that connect to the outer wall and lead into the house. » more
  • Insulating wedge
    The insulating wedge can be processed as an alternative to the flank insulation plate. » more
  • naturbo clima
    The naturbo clima board can also be used instead of the flank insulation or the insulating wedge. This is always useful if you want to use the excellent influence of clay plaster on the indoor climate and to line the entire wall with clay plaster panels. » more
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