Fast and Easy Processing

naturbo clima Flachkante verspachteln

The naturbo interior insulation system can actually be processed very easily and quickly. What makes it so easy?

  • It is the only system in which the clay plaster is already applied to the insulation. This means that no professional plastering skills are required.
  • It is open to diffusion and therefore dispenses with steam brakes or steam barriers. Especially their professional assembly is often a great challenge.

In addition, the system can also be processed very quickly. This, too, can be well justified:

  • In the naturbo interior insulation system, the plaster is already applied to the insulation board. The application of the flushing is thus completely eliminated.
  • Furthermore, the drying time of the clay plaster is reduced to a total of 48 hours, while in the case of clay wet plaster it can be 4 – 6 weeks.

After 3 days, your room is ready for occupancy again. This ensures quick usability.