Surface & Clay Colors – Design Diversity in Clay Plaster

Nice living is a question of style. Which one do you prefer? Modern architecture and its bold straightforwardness, country house style with Mediterranean or alpine ambience, the ecologically built house with its warm charisma, or ... or ... or.
No matter what your heart beats: With naturbo decor you have all the possibilities to make your dreams come true in clay plaster.

4 different surfaces

Clay Finish Plaster 0,5 mm Grain Size

Our clay finish plaster is a pure clay plaster with a high, natural proportion of white. It is natural white and does not need to be painted over. At the same time it gives the surface the necessary robustness.

For colored surfaces, you can get the clay finish plaster 0.5 mm in 14 basic shades and in 3 different brightness levels, or even subsequently coat it with clay plaster or clay paint.

naturbo Finishputz fein

Clay Finish Plaster 1 mm Grain Size

This clay finishing plaster differs from the first only by the grain, which gives the clay plaster a more rustic look due to its coarser structure. For colored surfaces you can paint the clay finish plaster 1 mm with clay paint in 38 different shades.

naturbo Finishputz grob

Clay Plaster

This clay plaster is designed so that it can be applied with brush, puff or lambskin roll. A coat of clay finishing plaster 0,5 mm as substrate is necessary. It is available in 38 different colors.


Clay Color

naturbo clay paint is designed to coat naturbo clay finish plaster surfaces (0.5 mm and 1 mm) and is ideally matched to it. The clay color is available in 38 shades and is applied directly to the white naturbo clay finishing plaster, which is necessary as a base coat and can not be replaced by the paint.

Lehmfarbe – für farbige Lehmputz-Wandflächen

Infinitely many different shades

The different surfaces can be mixed with colour pigments in the available clay colours. Depending on the dosage, you will also receive brightness levels. Depending on the surface, the colours are achieved either by later painting or by applying the already coloured surface plaster.

naturbo Farbpalette für Lehmfarben

No Limits for your Creativity

So that you can really develop your full potential, you also have the opportunity to combine different surfaces and colors. In this way structures, color mixtures or ornaments are created which are very individual and unique.

Riesige Auswahl an Oberflächen und Farben mit Lehmputz


All decors are specially adapted to the clay plaster of naturbo plates, so that it can develop its full effect.