Excellent Sound Insulation through Clay Plaster

Excellent sound insulation

When sound waves hit a wall, they are partly reflected, partly absorbed and partly transmitted depending on the nature of the wall. The more sound waves can pass through the wall, the noisier the rooms are.

Naturbo clay boards also have excellent properties with respect to sound waves:

  • a considerable part of the sound waves is already reflected by the heavy mass of the clay (solid surface) on the surface (both on the room side, as well as by the coating on the back of the plate)
  • a significant portion of the sound waves is absorbed by the core of the naturbo clay slab, the wood soft fiberboard
  • only a small, mostly imperceptible part of the sound waves actually seeps through the plate

By installing naturbo clay boards, you can achieve noticeable noise reduction and avoid the unwanted quality of listening to conversations and discussions in the adjacent rooms.