Safety through Long-Term Experience

Naturbo clay plaster boards have been installed in many different homes for many years. Whether the naturbo panels are screwed to walls, clamped or glued, roof pitches or ceilings are planked, whether the system was installed with or without wall heating – the plates hold, there are no cracks when used correctly, the clay plaster provides even after years for a healthy indoor climate and maintains its positive qualities.

From customers who use the naturbo clay plaster system in commercial areas, we received feedback that employees' sick days had been reduced. Another customer told us that on hot summer days, his employees came to work much more motivated since he had the cooling installed by means of the wall heating elements. Allergy sufferers report enormous relief from the clay plaster walls. Many do-it-yourselfers are enthusiastic, because the installation is so easy to do.

These and many other feedbacks give us and you in the long run the necessary security that naturbo is the perfect clay plaster drywall system for your expansion.

naturbo Lehmputz in Küchen nimmt Gerüche