Clay Plaster as an Ecological Building Material

Naturbo products are created almost exclusively from natural raw materials.

Naturbo clay building boards (clima and therm)

The basic structure of all naturbo clay plates is identical. They consist of:

  • Clay plaster
    Clay plaster is a pure natural material and is composed of clay, sand and silt (fine sand). The clay is responsible for the moisture regulation. He also ensures the compact bond of the plaster.
  • Wood fiber board
    The wood softboard of naturbo be produced in the so-called wet process, which can be dispensed with binders. In the process, wood fibers are heated, which can release their own lignin. On cooling, this lignin acts as a binder between the wood fibers and gives the plate its strength.
  • Reinforcement fabric
    To reinforce the clay plaster boards a glass fiber fabric is used. Glass itself also consists of natural raw materials such as quartz sand, soda, potash, feldspar, lime and dolomite.
Aufbau einer naturbo-Platte

Fugenfix – Finishing Plaster – Clay Colors

These naturbo products are all based on pure clay. The colorants used are exclusively natural products