Fresh Air Feeling through Clay Plaster

Frischluftgefühl durch Lehmwände

The feeling of fresh air in rooms surrounded by natural clay plaster arises from a combination of helpful properties of clay plaster.

  • On the one hand clay plaster is able to extract odors and pollutants from the air. These molecules are stored by it and sometimes even converted. It is to be found that clay is also used in industry for cleaning wastewater and other contaminants. Exactly this property is noticeable in the house also in the air.
  • On the other hand, clay plaster can ionize the air. That sounds very chemical, but it is an absolutely natural process. Everybody who goes outside after a thunderstorm knows this phenomenon from everyday life. The air is especially fresh. But if you think carefully, it is clear that the air could not have been used up before. The freshness effect comes from the negative charge of air through the storm. That's exactly what naturbo clay plaster does in the interior. It releases negatively charged ions and thereby contributes to the freshness effect in the room.

The combination of the absorption of pollutants and odors and the ionization of the indoor air contribute significantly to the enthusiasm of all builders for naturbo clay plaster.