Extremely Fast Drying
with naturbo Clay Plaster Boards

extremely fast drying

naturbo clay boards are – apart from the white clay finishing plaster – delivered with all necessary clay plaster layers. Therefore, only the joints and flat edges must be filled.
The drying times are calculated at normal processing temperatures (13 ° C or warmer and average humidity 50% or less) as follows:

Drying Times of naturbo

Drying of the filled flat edges and joints ca. 24 – 36 hours
Drying of the clay finish plaster ca. 12 – 18 hours
Drying time TOTAL 36 – 54 hours
= 1,5 – 2,25 days

For a successful drying of clay plaster good ventilation is required. The use of fans usually promotes success decisively.

System Comparison naturbo – wet clay plaster

Drying time
Naturbo clay plaster board ca. 1,5 – 2,25 days
Normal wet clay plaster ca. 4 – 6 weeks
Time saving more than 90 %

Including clay finish plaster, your home is ready for use after three days.