Clay Plaster is Ideal – Not Just for Allergy Sufferers

naturbo Lehmputz ist gut für Allergiker

Traditional heating systems such as underfloor heating or radiators heat the room air, which is then circulated by thermal and convection. As a result, house dust and mites are constantly being whirled up and the relative humidity is dropping.

The naturbo therm wall heating, however, transfers the heat almost exclusively by thermal radiation. Through this constant and uniform form of heat transfer, the room air remains largely free of turbulence.

Luftumwälzung bei Heizkörpern

Furthermore, the clay plaster (see also healthy indoor climate) contributes its share to the positive effect. The positive consequences are:

  • less house dust in the air
  • less mites in the air
  • no drying out of the mucous membranes

... and noticeably less dusting.