90% Less Moisture Input
by naturbo Clay Plaster Boards

Weniger Wassereintrag durch naturbo Lehmputz-Trockenbausystem

Apart from the white clay finishing plaster, all plaster layers have already been applied to the finished board in the naturbo clay plaster drywall system. On a full-surface filling before finishing plaster can therefore be dispensed with. In this way

  • naturbo reduces the moisture input in buildings by up to 90%
  • naturbo avoids the introduction of thousands of liters of water, which would then have to be evaporated time-consuming and
  • naturbo saves a lot of time in drying and thus money in the construction phase.

Therefore, the naturbo clay plaster drywall system is ideally suited:

  • for wooden houses
    Especially in wooden houses much emphasis is placed on ecological construction. As a pure natural product clay plaster is therefore an optimal addition, especially as with naturbo now clay plaster can be largely dry mounted – in contrast to clay plaster in the wet process or other clay building boards that still need a full-surface clay topcoat before finishing plaster.
  • for renovation of old buildings
    Renovation work is often carried out in drywall to reduce excessive moisture in a dry house. Again, the naturbo clay plaster drywall system is advantageous.