Wall Heating System

Infrared Heat Radiation for Pleasant Comfort

It can even be used as ceiling heating.


There is nothing better than relaxing on your couch in the evening, enjoying the warmth of a wood burning stove. The naturbo wall heating system creates the same environment, because it radiates the same natural warmth as a wood burning stove, uniquely different to any other form of heating system. Relax and let the day peacefully come to a close.

  • You can feel the warmth within
    10 minutes

    because the naturbo therm wall and ceiling heating system works almost entirely ...
    » Details

  • naturbo warmth is extraordinarily healthy

  • Easy installation:
    (also suitable for handymen)
    naturbo clay plasterboards are as easy to work with as normal plasterboard…  » Details

  • Applicable as a cooling system
    When cold water flows through the heating coils …    » Details

  • naturbo décor offers innumerable possibilities
    for individual surface designs ...  
    » Details



  • 18% Energy Saving

  • Insulationed Against Un-Plastered Walls
    naturbo therm is the only wall heating system made of clay which has a …    » Details

  • Modular Construction System
    The naturbo therm wall heating system as a module building method…    » Details

  • Ideal for Sloping Ceilings
    Sloping ceilings are especially suitable for the installation...  » Details

  • Long-term experience is your guaranty
    All installations of the naturbo therm wall heating system have proved to be products of good marketable quality. Even after long-term use no cracks or defects appeared. This gives you the guaranty of an established system.





This natural material is therefore perfectly compatible with ALL naturbo clay plasters and has an additional positive effect on the room climate. You can decide between:

  • Humidity Regulation
    ... have a constant humidity level of approx. 50% and therefore ideal for your personal health.  » more
  • Fresh Air through Clay Plaster
    Clay reacts similar to that of a natural thunderstorm ...   » more
  • Ideal for People Suffering from Allergies
    The harmonizing effect that clay plaster has on air moisture reduces the dehydration of the mucous membranes.   » more
  • Elektrosmog
    » more

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