Clay Plaster

Clay Plaster – Residential use in 3 days!


Naturbo delivers the unbeatable advantage of clay plaster without having long drying periods. Thanks to a high prefabricated level, naturbo clay plaster boards are fitted extremely quickly which allows you to move into your home after 3 days.

  • Extremely fast drying – residential use in 3 days!
    Naturbo clay plaster boards are delivered with a layer of completely dried…  » Details

  • Easy installation
    (also suitable for handymen)   
    Naturbo clay plasterboards are as easy to work with as normal plasterboard, … »&nbsp;Details<br />
  • Infrared Heat Radiation for Pleasant Comfort
    Heat can be generated in two different ways: by heat conduction or by heat radiation. The classic heating systems…   » Details
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Clay is a 100% natural and eco-friendly building material.  Clay in contrast to brick, lime and cement, does not …  » Details

  • Surface and clay colours
    There are several finishes and an amazing selection of colours and shades available to refine your naturbo clay plaster wall. They are all…    » Details


Naturbo offers you a complete, perfect and proven range of clay-plaster-drying materials.

  • Humidity Regulation
    Rooms lined with clay material
    usually have a constant humidity…
      » more
  • Storage of Heat
    Being a substantial building material, clay has optimal insulation…  » more
  • Fresh Air through Clay Plaster
    Clay is a substance which consists of a
    variety of minerals. These minerals…
      » more
  • Ideal for People Suffering from Allergies
    The harmonizing effect that clay plaster has on air moisture reduces…  » more

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